Newbie Questions

Newbie Questions

Post by Steve Man » Wed, 09 Nov 1994 12:22:30

Last weekend, my restaurant partner, Neil Ganic, and two of our chefs ran
the NYC Marathon.  It was my partner's first marathon and he ran it in 3:28.
Gilmar, our prep chef, did it in 2:36 (#104 overall).  Our other chef fell
victim to a foot injury, although he came in #81 overall last year.  Anyway,
I watched the Marathon from 4th Ave. in Brooklyn and later in Central Park
and was impressed and inspired beyond words by the dedication of the
participants and the encouragement of the crowds.  At 44, I've decided to
start running.  I need to drop 20 pounds and I know I won't be in shape for
the '95 Marathon but maybe '96?

I really haven't run since high school but have been an avid bicyclist since
my twenties, averaging 100 miles/week.  My 52 year-old buddy Bill, who has
run 12 NYC Marathons (2:45s), advises me to just get a pair of good shoes
and do it.  I suspect there's probably more to it than that.  Can someone
offer some start-up advice or ship me the relevant FAQ, if one exists?


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Newbie Questions

Post by Bob Morri » Thu, 10 Nov 1994 05:31:44

SM> I need to drop 20 pounds and I know I won't be in shape
SM> the '95 Marathon but maybe '96?

A year is plenty of time.  Start out by running easy, maybe 15-30
minutes at a time.  Then build up from there.  Take it easy at first.
Read all the relevant books and magazines.  You don't need to start
serious training until 4-6 months before the marathon.