German beats 4 Kenians on half marathon in Berlin

German beats 4 Kenians on half marathon in Berlin

Post by Wolfgang Koehl » Wed, 07 Apr 1993 00:13:25

Yesterday the german Carsten Eich fought a great struggle against the favorites
from Kenia and won the race in the new European best mark of 60:34.
Carsten Eich is not well known to the public since he didn't had any success in
track races. His personal record is a poor 28:00 in 10.000m.
However, he is a very good road runner and won some remarkable Silvester races
against notable runners this winter.

In this race he succeeded in the final spurt against the supposed favorite
Sammy Lelei (60:42). On places 3 to 5 came in three other Kenians
(Julius Ondieki, Ezekiel Bitok, Bonifatius Merande) which failed to hold the
initial pace and dropped out of the leading group.

I post this result firstly because I believe this is another proof that the
Kenians are not undefeatable and secondly because I also took part in the race.
(Of course, I was too far behind the leaders to see what happend there :->)

Wolfgang Koehler


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