Ankle Sprain v2.0 (clarifications)

Ankle Sprain v2.0 (clarifications)

Post by Joe Stewa » Sat, 09 Jan 1993 01:44:10

Points of clarification about treating sprains:

  1.  ***:

    a.  Does asperin or ibuprofin make a difference?  
    b.  What dosage and frequency?
    c.  Why?

  2.  Ice/cold:

    a.  Which is better?
       1.  Ice water bucket
       2.  Rubbing ice on swollen area
       3.  Ice in a towel wrapped around the ankle
       4.  Those jelly bags that you keep in the freezer
    b.  How long shoud you ice and how frequently?
    c.  Why?

  3.  Compression (as it relates to the initial injury/recovery, not the
      taping of the ankle to allow you to run):

    a.  How soon after the sprain?
    b.  How long should you keep it wrapped?
    c.  Why?

Also, I want to thank the following people for their responses to my
initial questions:  

 Tord Malmgren, Department of Physics, University of Stockholm -- Sweden
 Paul Gatker, COMPULITE GRAPHICS, Brooklyn NY usa
 Paul French, SGI
 Paul Theisen, Physics, University of Iowa
 Eugenio Fortanely, Land Mobile Products Sector, Motorola (Schaumburg,
   Illinois USA)
 Steve Conway, Centre for Speech Technology Research and Department of
   Linguistics, Edinburgh University, Scotland
 Thomas W. Page, Jr., Department of Computer Science, University of California,
   Los Angeles, 90024-1596
 Mike Dotseth, HP, (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

I'll post a summary of their respones after these points are clarified.


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