Runners in Dayton OH & San Diego CA?

Runners in Dayton OH & San Diego CA?

Post by Tim Nelso » Thu, 15 Sep 1994 00:30:18

I am looking to join someone for a couple weeks of running
in Dayton 19 Sep - 7 Oct, 28 Nov - 9 Dec, and San Diego
17 Oct - 4 Nov.

I am currently running around an 8 minute mile, at distances
from 3 to 15 miles.

If anyone would like to join me, just drop me a note via email,
or phone at +1 905 819-4112.

Also, if you know of any races in those areas during the
time I will be in the appropriate cities, please send me email.
I will run any race from 1 mile to 1/2 marathon.


at&t gis canada
+1 905-819-4112


Runners in Dayton OH & San Diego CA?

Post by Ozzie Gonta » Sat, 17 Sep 1994 12:39:55

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Running in San Diego

> 17 Oct - 4 Nov.

> at&t gis canada
> +1 905-819-4112

The San Diego Marathon Clinic will be 20 years old in March of '95.  It
continues to meet every Sunday of the year, plus other organized events by
various members of the Clinic: Columbus Day weekend run of the Grand
Canyon, both single and double crossing; run to the top of Mt. Whitney in
August; various and sundry other adventure runs throughout Southern

On Sunday mornings at 8 am at DeAnza Cove, which is at the north end of
East Mission Bay Drive, taking the Claremont Dr/East Mission Bay Dr. off

Sundays number between 50 and 100 runners going distances from 5 miles to
13 miles...and all distances in between.

During 17th Oct - 4 Nov.  Runs from the 16th Oct to 5th Nov.

Oct. 16, Sun    7:30 am                         Arturo Barios 10K and 5K Invitational  619-450-6510
Oct. 22, Sat 7:00 pm    Light the Night vs. Crime 8K                                                                                    619-450-6510
Oct  29, Sat 8:00 am    6th Dan Daly-Camp Pendleton            619-725-6806
Oct  29, Sat  noon      12th Jakes's 4 mile fun run,Del Mar    619-942-1442
Nov   5, Sat 8:00 am    Rosarito Beach 10K, Rosarito, Baja     714-841-5417
Nov   5, Sat 8:00 am    4th Julian 10K Run, Julian             619-298-7400

Ozzie Gontang
San Diego Marathon Clinic