1999 NYC marathon info

1999 NYC marathon info

Post by Jean Bart » Thu, 19 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Just wanted to let everyone know that the infomation on how to get an
application for the 1999 NYC Marathon is now online at the NYRRC
website.  I was able to pay online for the application; however, I don't
think they'll be sending the applications out till February or March.
Applications *must* be postmarked April 26th, 1999, or later and sent by
regular "snail mail."  Entrants will be notified in June whether or not
their entry got there in time--there are listings on the website on how
many people (and in what categories) they will take entries for, and
also information regarding international and "elite" entry procedures.

More detailed information can be gotten at the website,

Jean Barto

P.S.-- I'm not connected with the NYRRC in any way--I'm simply someone
who will bei trying to enter the 1999 race myself and would like to let
my fellow runners know the scoop on this.