Invite comments on short marathon training program

Invite comments on short marathon training program

Post by Tom Carmina » Wed, 06 Dec 1995 04:00:00

A week ago I was invited to run on a corporate marathon team. That gave me
about 8 weeks to prepare, including a 3-week taper. I expect to run about
2:45. Here's my training plan. Any comments?

For now through Dec 15:

during first 30 min, maintain 160-165 during second 30 minutes; 20min

Tuesday- 6 miles easy with 2 circuits 15X weights

striders; 1M cooldown
Thursday- same as Tuesday
Friday- hill repeats ~10M total including 2M warmup and 2M cooldown.
Saturday- 20-22 long, easy run on dirt roads in mountains (6800-8600')
Sunday- rest

Dec 15 - Jan 1:
I'll be on vacation. Maintain weekend long runs. Won't be getting to
track. Expect ~13M run every other day. Timed accelerations (e.g., 5x 3min
hard 3min recovery) for quality. May do an extended pace/"push" run as

Jan 1 - Jan 20:
Taper. Quality run every other day. May decrease volume, increase speed a bit.

Jan 21: Race!

Tom Carminati
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