advice for my first half-marathon

advice for my first half-marathon

Post by Bob Waffenschmi » Thu, 29 Apr 1993 03:18:31


On sunday I am running in my first half marathon.  I'd like some kind
advice on how to best make it through this event.  I run cross
coountry in college (5 mile thru the woods) so I am not a complete

Since the winter ran late this year in new york I have had very little
time to repair.  I put in a dry run on saturday.  I covered the
distance but was really exhausted and had to walk off a tight/sore
ankle/calf at roughly 8 miles.  I still have a slight limp.  In school
our races had 30 to 100 runners max. So how do I handle a large crowd?
Is it a good idea to queue up with the runners who are 10-20 sec
faster than I am per mile or be honest?

Since I do not feel properly trained -- I am looking at this as an
exercise in survival!

BTW I am competing in the L.I. marathon

Thanks in advance, bob