San Francisco routes--MAHALO!!

San Francisco routes--MAHALO!!

Post by Lani Teshima-Mill » Tue, 15 Mar 1994 11:45:22

A great big ol' Hawaiian "Mahalo" to all who emailed and posted to my
query about short routes in San Francisco. I was able to put in two
runs during my six-day stay (which is okay, since I put in lots of
walking during the other days). Out of convenience I ran down Market
to the Embarcadero toward Pier 39 and then back--it was perfect. Lots
of other joggers and lots of sidewalk so no worries about being run
over. I was careful--wore tights, a turtleneck and t-shirt, and found
myself *too* warm after I caught my second wind!

It did give me pause however, when I saw on the evening news the other
day that a chunk of concrete fell off the awning of Pier 29 (or 31 or
one of those) and nearly hit a couple walking down that very same

Anyway, thanks much! :)

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