San Jose: Running partner?

San Jose: Running partner?

Post by kach.. » Fri, 17 Mar 1995 15:43:26

Hi folks,
        I am looking for a running partner here in downtown San Jose, CA. I
haven't been running much lately. I would really like to get back to the
routine but am finding it quite difficult to make the committment as I once
used to. I think a running partner would help me a lot because then I wont try
to cancel my running to do something else like going out shopping.

        My pace is 6-7min/mile. Done a few 10-K's but yet to do the big
one(marathon). I dont think I am prepared for it yet. I really would like to
get into shape. Wanna see those washboards again. Aside from running I also
workout in the campus gym. Just to tone my muscles. I have no desire to be the
next Mr. Olympia whatsoever.

        So, if you are interested call me or email. My home no is (408) 298
5493. U can either email me at this address or write me at