Recurrent hip injuries

Recurrent hip injuries

Post by J C Rougie » Wed, 12 Oct 1994 17:55:59

I'm thinking of going to see a podiatrist about a recurrent hip problem,
and I would be grateful for any thoughts on (i) what this problem might be
and (ii) how it might be solved.  For background, I am a 34 minute 10K
runner, but I am relatively heavy (76kg).

The problem seems to be at the top of the tensor fascia latae (sp?), and
feels like a knitting needle being thrust into the back of the hip at its
widest point.  It comes on after a few minutes of jogging.  I had this on
my right hip for a year and a half, and it caused me to curtail my running
training and switch to swimming and cycling.  That hip has cleared up now,
but the problem has switched to the left.  I think perhaps I have some
kind of mechanical problem with my running style which is causing the hip
joint to become stressed.

If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful for them.  I am getting a
bit desperate as the swimming pool is closed for maintenance, and cycling
isn't as much fun for me in the winter.  Thanks in advance,


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