Chambermaid Knee? / Knee Pain?

Chambermaid Knee? / Knee Pain?

Post by John Flate » Fri, 12 Jan 1996 04:00:00

For about the past year I've been suffering with knee pain.  I went to
my regular doctor who diagnosed an irritation on the inside of my knee.  
He said it was sort of a "fuzzy area" under my knee.  He  told me to
take three advils before going to bed,  and to keep running.  He said
the running would help keep the irritation under control.  

The pain did go away,  periodically,  by always came back.  I then went
to an orthopedist who said I had "Chambermaid's knee".  He said I had
rubbed away the lining on the back of my knee that provides for smooth
movement.  He also said some unkind things about my regular doctor's
advice to "keep running".  He said "Chambermaid's knee" is a result of
hitting the same portion of the knee in the same spot and eventually
wearing down the lining.  

His advice was to basically stop running for two months and try and give
the lining a chance to heal. With all of the snow,   this hasn't been
too tough and I've gotten plenty of exercise from shoveling.  After two
months,  he wants to re-assess.  

I'm looking for some light at the end of the tunnel here.  I'd like to
hear from people who have recovered from similar situations and what was