Back of Knee (not Knee-cap) Pain !!!

Back of Knee (not Knee-cap) Pain !!!

Post by r.. » Wed, 19 May 1993 05:19:22

I have been struck with an unusual injury (I think). About 4 weeks ago i
started getting a pain at the back of my knee, not behind the knee cap (I have
had that problem before!), the pain is hard to pinpoint but ie, i cant
physically touch the soreness. Anyway it wasnt too bad but i was on a field
trip for a week so didnt do any running, when i got back into it the pain came
back with a vengance. I cant really feel it when im running but when i bend my
knee sitting down it is very painful. It is especially painful when i
completely straighten my leg and press downwards. I have been going to the gym
and do several leg exercises to stregthen any muscles which might be imbalanced
ie, front of shin etc. and the other day when i went down (with my sore knee) i
found the most painful exercise to be the reverse leg extentions where i lie on
my stomach and have the weight bar behind my heel and lift upwards. This was
very painful.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this pain is happening and what i
might do (besides rest as i have tried that and the pain went away while
resting but came back again) so that i can continue my running program??

Thanx in advance....