Officials Rap Girls' Briefs

Officials Rap Girls' Briefs

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I found this one in the Claris Sports. I am probably going over their
copyright, but I hope they will understand.

Question: Are we in 1995, almost in 1996 ?

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        MIAMI (AP) -- A girls' cross country team was disqualified from a
third-place finish because a referee and a group that regulates
high school sports ruled the girls' running shorts were too risque.  
        ``We were so happy after we crossed the finish line, then when
they told us we were disqualified we started crying,'' said
Lissette Perez, a sophomore at Miami Gulliver Prep School.  
        The team placed third in a two-mile race at a state meet Nov. 18
in Jacksonville.  
        The Florida High School Activities Association permits girls to
wear briefs for competition, but requires that they not be
``abbreviated,'' meaning high cut, or French cut.  
        A deputy commissioner with the association, Ron Allen, and a
referee for the meet, Jim Donovan, ruled that the briefs were
        Lissette's father, Luis Perez, called The Miami Herald on
Thursday to protest. The Herald published the story Sunday.  
        Many female runners prefer the tight briefs to regular running
shorts, which flap and bunch up. The Gulliver team wears briefs
similar to those worn by American Olympic stars Jackie
Joyner-Kersee and Gail Devers.  
        The Gulliver coach, Karen Calloway, said that she ordered the
briefs from an athletic apparel manufacturer and that the girls
have worn them all season with no complaints.  
        The Herald reported that on the day of the meet, Allen asked a
spectator if he would allow his daughter to wear such things.  
        ``As a matter of fact she's wearing them right now,'' replied
Luis Perez.  
        Perez said that Allen then asked him, ```What if they were
white? Their private parts might show.''' Perez said: ``I asked him
if he was there to watch the race or to watch private parts.''  
        When asked later about the ruling, Allen told The Herald:
``We're talking about high school kids. Those briefs don't look
appropriate. And they may lend an advantage to a runner.'' He did
not explain what kind of advantage.  
        Allen, Perez and Donovan could not be reached for comment
        The activities association regulates all extracurricular high
school activities, including sports and bands and is run by
principals and teachers.  
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