Sprained Ankle

Sprained Ankle

Post by Bob Fo » Sun, 13 Feb 1994 04:15:45

Last week while running on a snow-covered road I landed on an icy
ridge and badly turned my ankle - ouchhh!  I got it xrayed that
day, and confirmed there was no break- just a bad sprain.   For the
first few days afterwards it was quite swollen, and black and blue.  
It is much better now; the swelling is gone, and I can walk without
discomfort and with no limp.  The ankle still stiffens up in the
morning when I first get up, and after I have been sitting for a

I have never turned my ankle in fif*** years of running.  I would
like to ensure that my now weaked ankle gets strong again in a
hurry, so it doesn't develop into a chronic problem.  What I would
like to know is some good exercises that I can do to build  up the
strength in my ankle.  Also, since it has now been ten days
since I sprained it, can I start running again?  (I can run a few
yards indoors without any problem.)  Are there any stretches I
could do, etc., that would help  speed the recovery along?

Thanks for your help.
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Sprained Ankle

Post by Karl Watana » Fri, 18 Feb 1994 11:06:06

last year I badly sprained my ankle on a tree root and couldn't walk
for 2 days.  I was 6 weeks away from a marathon and couldn't talk the
time to heal.  I know it is stupid, but when I walked very straight,
I didn't feel the pain.  In 4 days and my ankle still swollen, I ran
4 miles.  As long as I didn't turn my ankle sideways, I didn't feel
the pain.  Within 2 weeks I was running normally.  Within 2 months,
my ankle was good as new.

Could be genetics or I'm a quick healer.  Good Luck,

Karl Watanabe