Race Report on Dallas White Rock Marathon (5 Dec 1999)

Race Report on Dallas White Rock Marathon (5 Dec 1999)

Post by Dan Becke » Tue, 07 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Here's a short "middle of the pack runner" view on the Dallas White Rock
Marathon, held in Dallas, Texas on 5 December 1999.

The pre-race and post-race administration was superb. Registration, held
in the Dallas Convention Center, was smooth. Post race food was good:
hot soup, bagels, yogurt, fruits, cookies, beer, water and Powerade.
There were plenty of lines for all services, so there was not much
waiting. The race and the expo was about the size of the other major
marathons in Texas such as Houston, Austin, or San Antonio -- about 2500

On race morning we lined up in front of Dallas City Hall and the
Convention Center. The air was about 38 F and the wind was about 10 - 15
mph from the north west. Many wore tights and long sleeve tops. Some
brave souls wore shorts. Although the air was clear and sunny, the wind
and the cool temperatures stayed with us, culminating in about 50 F at
noon time.

The starting gun went off and the tour of the city was on. We headed
east and then north, passing by Dealy Plaza, the site of Kennedy's
assasination in 1963. From there it was along Turtle Creek, a beautiful
upscale section of the city. The trees were afire with fall colors of
red, orange, and yellow. The path along the creek looked like a runners
paradise, weaving left and right and over the small hills.

After a few urban street crossings we reached the White Rock Lake at
about the 7 mile mark. The lake was beautiful, surrounded with trees and
a smooth road for the runners. On the opposite side you could see
runners, and you knew that that was where you had to be in 10 miles. The
wind still blew quite a bit. There were white caps on the lake at times.
I constantly hit the zipper on my long sleeve top - up as we headed into
the wind, down as the wind was behind us. Zippers are good for thermal

After conquering the lake, it was back to town. We surmounted a tough
hill at about the 21/22 mile mark. It was gruesome after the flat lake,
but the volunteers cheered us on. The aid stations were all well-stocked
with water, Powerade and enthusiatic people, each promoting some silly
theme. After cresting the hill, we got a look at another nice
neighborhood, the Lakewood Hills section -- nice houses with columns,
mansard and tile roofs, and a street with a grassy median. It was two
miles of running nearly straight back into town. The towering buildings
of the city center became larger and clearer with each block gone by.

A few quick turns, a few quick urban blocks, and it was back to the
Convention Center. The finish line along a home stretch lined with
fencing, bleachers and crowds of people. This was my first time "Running
the Rock" and my first time in Dallas. All in all, I would rate this a
very scenic and well run marathon. It was a beautiful tour of the city,
and I shall return and do it again.

Thanks, Dan

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