Wall Street Journal March 9, 2001

Wall Street Journal March 9, 2001

Post by Rei Shinozu » Sat, 17 Mar 2001 22:10:08

a week ago in the Friday March 9 Wall Street Journal Page W7
"Off Antarctica, a New Endurance Test." about the Antarctica
marathon, which due to weather conditions, took place on
the deck of the cruise ship Lyubov Orlova--422 laps.
this deckside marathon added an hour to some people's times.

the trip cost $4,200-$5,600 for a cruise that "recalls the spartan
comforts of soviet-era travel." but as the WSJ observes, the passengers
were "affluent, middle aged, and utterly compulsive."

amusing article.

factoid: 36% of *Runner's World* readers have household incomes > $100,000.