Runner's Knee: Running Thru It?

Runner's Knee: Running Thru It?

Post by EricTheR » Sun, 07 Nov 1999 04:00:00

With the help of some of you " RW Injury Forum" and rec.running
buddies, I think I have correctly diagnosed my self with classic
Runner's Knee. Pain in, under, & around the knee cap, CAN run thru it,
but it's uncomfortable, etc. I do have one symptom I have not seen
mentioned in any posts: the muscle in the back of my knee (feels like
where the hamstring connects with the knee joint), is also sore.

Thru replies, and an injury book I have, I think I have weak quads, or
muscle imbalance. I have been doing quad strengthening exercises, and
extra quad & ham stretches, and haven't run for 3 days. (I'm going to
try to run today...for the first time, my knees feel "normal").
Anyway, I'm a beginning runner, not very overweight (10 lbs.), and
low-mileage (5 mile runs right now.)

Does it sound like I'm following a good course of action here? If
after my run today my knee still hurts, I'll take a whole week off. I
just don't want this to stop me now, because I'm just starting to
really love running, and I'm just starting to get decent at it!

Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated!