Beginner's question

Beginner's question

Post by Rob Hwa » Sat, 14 May 1994 02:25:52

I've just started some easy jogging a few weeks ago.  I've noticed that
the area in the front of my leg right above the foot starts to ache after
10 or 15 minutes of running.  It occurs consistently when I run; it appears
more quickly when I run on the sidewalk, slower when I run on dirt roads.
When I run on a track, the problem is there although quite less noticable
(manifesting itself as more of a tightness than pain).
The ache doesn't last long after I finish, although I've yet to push it very

Various explanations have occurred to me, but I thought I would ask the net
to see if anyone else has experienced this and found a solution.  Is it
bad form?  Although I do some warm-up stretches, perhaps I am not hitting
the right muscle groups?  Or maybe my joints are just trying to get used
to the exercise and the ache will disappear eventually?