Need 15 mile run in San Francisco

Need 15 mile run in San Francisco

Post by Karen E. Diet » Thu, 25 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I will be in San Francisco over President's day weekend  and am looking
for a 15 mile run.

I'll be staying in the city - but will have a car, a map, and some
company - so I'd consider heading to an outlying area or a really
spectacular trail run.

Thanks in advance.



Need 15 mile run in San Francisco

Post by Lee Rudi » Tue, 30 Jan 1996 04:00:00


Since you have transportation, you can consider many of the scenic trail
runs on my tri-page.  I also have listed some runs on the weekend that
are informal and pretty good, too.

See the files, Scenic Trail Runs and What, News?  You might also be
interested in some of the local links for things to do or see in the
city, look under The Kitchen Sink.

Have a great time, if you have any questions, just ask-I LOVE this


Lee Rudin
San Francisco Bay Area Triathlon Training Sites


Need 15 mile run in San Francisco

Post by David Kucht » Thu, 01 Feb 1996 04:00:00

There are many websites for running in the San Francisco area. East Bay Striders and Bay Area
Running Pages both list running routes in the Bay Area, and can also link you to other websites
with other routes.

Of course, running in the Bay Area usually means hills.  If you have a car, my favorite run  is
over in the East Bay, along Skyline Drive. You can park your car anywhere in Tilden Regional Park
and run either north or south to your heart's content.  Your view is often overlooking the entire
Bay Area -- it's breath-takingly memorable.  It's hilly, but not impossible.  For a flatter run in
the East Bay, you may want to keep going over the hill to  San Pablo Resevoir.  I'm not sure of
the mileage, but it's a nice, flat bike route.

In SF, the running is more urban -- I like running up to Twin Peaks:  it's quite a hill workout,
but getting to the top gives you the best view of San Francisco:  downtown, Golden Gate, East Bay,
etc.  well worth it.

Enjoy America's best city!