San Jose, CA, running clubs and coaches

San Jose, CA, running clubs and coaches

Post by Linda Cowle » Sat, 02 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I could use some help finding out about local clubs, events and running

I started running (again) 2 months ago, and now run 12 to 18 miles a
week, cross country and on a treadmill. My long run this week was
5 miles with one 1/4 mi. 7% hill and then 2 1/4 mi. (4%) hills every
mile. I run a 3 mile 15% incline program once a week for strength. The
good news is - everything's working and I feel great, even with the
flu! I'm getting there. I'm 43, and an ex smoker and asthmatic, so
I'm happy with my progress so far.

I live in the south Santa Clara (CA) valley, and want to join a running
club to keep up on clinics, fun-runs, etc. I also want to find a coach
to help me with my form. I've had running stops and starts due to minor
injurys in the past, and want to stay sound and consistant this time.
I run for fun only; I love to run.

My goals are a 1/2 marathon by next fall, and a marathon whenever I'm
ready... I also ride distance horses (endurance) and want to try those
miles on my own two legs!

My idea of a good place to run is Quicksilver or Henry Coe parks... I
used to run at Rancho San Antonio, Ed Levin, Wunderlich etc, but want
to run in south county as often as possible.

Any ideas?

Thanks! Linda