4th day third workout

4th day third workout

Post by veri » Wed, 07 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hello Gang,

Ok, I ran this morning under odd circumstances, I woke up at 5:00 and I
couldn't breath.  My nose was clogged with mucus due to the window unit air
conditioner.  So i decided to go to a warmer part of the house (easy to do
when you don't have central air) and my nose still wouldn't clear.  So I
decided to run.  I left the house at 5:35am and had a really good run!   My
run is like this.  I start off down my street, it's slightly uphill
initially and then it's down hill, I usually stop at the bottom of the
decline.  Today I continued on around the block, and started running back up
the street.  A marked improvement for me.  I then continued up the hill at a
brisk walk pace and then I ran again down a decline!!  I don't know if I
have accurately described my run, but  I ran almost twice as far as my
initial run four days ago.

The cool thing is that my muscles are starting to get used to running.  two
days ago, my back was sore, my legs achy and my joints were somewhat sore,
but today my body is feeling really good.  Today I felt progress!!  And the
workout lasted 20 minutes which surprised me because I thought it would take
a month to get to that point.

Also it hit me during this run that the strategy of base, power, speed makes
a lot of sense.  Hell if this keeps up I may have to buy some running shoes.

Anyway thanks for the support

jay hunter


4th day third workout

Post by Diane E. Sagnell » Wed, 07 Jul 1999 04:00:00


> jay hunter

I am very glad you had such a great run!  While, as I said before,
starting out is hard, you also see tremendous improvement over
a short amount of time (proof to me that is a very natural thing running!)

I must warn you that you will have awful days.  I have some days
in which I feel as though I have never run a step, some days inwhich 3 miles
is misery.  But I trudge through those times knowing
that it will get better, that it is just on of those bad days that every runner


On the flip side you will also have days of tremendous power and grace!
Days in which you feel light, elegant and fast!  Maybe that's the runners high,

I really can't say but those days do exist!

I hope you have many of them