Marathon on 3 days a week training ???

Marathon on 3 days a week training ???

Post by perl.. » Mon, 27 Feb 1995 21:34:56


>The only thing I don't have is the hodge-podge of inflammations (sciatica,
>knees, hips,..) and aches and pains.

Go for it, you can do it!
Other than the marathons themselves, I have never run further than
14 miles.

One suggestions ... eat and drink before and during the event.  Since
I never was running more than 2 hours in training, I learned this
the hard way, during the race.  The last 6-8 miles can be Hell if
you're out of fuel, dangerous if you're dehydrated.

Good luck,

I train similarly, and have finished all 5 marathons I've entered.


Marathon on 3 days a week training ???

Post by G J Ackla » Fri, 03 Mar 1995 03:36:00

You certainly can complete a marathon on minimal training, but its not a
very good idea.

I ran my first marathon on about 2 weeks training, about 30 miles a
week, after six months of being injured.  I finished, which really only
proves how stupid I am - it was painful and I was walking about the last
10 miles.  I wouldn't do that again.

On hill names: almost every hummock in the UK is named, so there's not
much scope, however there are local names among the runners.  One hill
is known as `occasional', because you wouldn't want to run up it often,
while another bit (a scree slope) is known as Jon's death slide, after
the only person known to run *down* it  (which won him a race in a never
to be repeated time).  I'd want a rope before going up!


Marathon on 3 days a week training ???

Post by UserSpar » Fri, 17 Mar 1995 02:40:08

I have run two marathons on no training (abysmal times).  I do other
endurance "things" I just don't really run.  The first time I escaped
uninjured.  This time I came out with a shin splint from hell. Any
advice?? I've tried ice, heat and ibuprofin.  Also any training advice for

would like to complete 31/2 hr. marathon (Houston Tenneco).  I usually run
3 miles two to three times a week and work out in a gym the other days.  I
do Century cycling events whenever time allows.