Knee pain - knee brace?

Knee pain - knee brace?

Post by <AG.. » Wed, 02 Sep 1992 07:48:20

Hey now,

Ok...I have been suffering from outer knee pain for some time now. My
doctor says that I do not have iliotibial band syndrome but that I am
suffering from an inflamed tendon that is causing me a great deal of pain
(or I have a tear in some cartiledge - this is less likely and an expensive
issue to investigate at this point in time).

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to see if any of you have ever
run with one of those knee braces with the kneecap part cut out. These are
supposed to provide stability and prevent reinjury. I have recently
purchased one of these contraptions and, so far, it appears to be helping.
However, I have taken some time off from running and am only averaging
about 3 miles per day, 5 days a week right now. Marathon season is just
around the corner and I wonder if my knee is going to hold up and if this
brace is going to help.

Just wondering about this right now. Any comments appreciated.


Knee pain - knee brace?

Post by Dan Wo » Thu, 03 Sep 1992 04:05:39

   I'm a novice runner, so excuse me if this is
a dumb question...

   My knees seem to stay stiff for about the first
mile of a run, longer in cooler weather.  Am I
imagining things, or is it possible that they
take a while to "lube"?  I noticed it most when I
ran in a cross-country event with water crossings:
the knees would tighten up briefly after each
dip.  It seems to be temperature related.

   If it's as simple as cold, are there knee warmers
that don't look like they came from "A Chorus Line"?
Do they stay up during a run?  Do they need to expose
the kneecap to avoid pressure?

   I appreciate any advice/information.

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