First I Had Shin Pain Now Knee Pain

First I Had Shin Pain Now Knee Pain

Post by Damian Flemi » Sun, 24 Jun 2001 09:36:15

I'm a 28 year old, healthy male and I've been working through more physical
injuries due to running than I would like.  I've been running 5 months,
about 12-14 miles a week, 2-3 miles at a time.  I've run two 5K races with
times of 23:49 and 25:50.  I ran a 2M race with a time of 15:30.  
Motivation has always been sky-high but I've been very frustrated that my
legs don't seem to want to continue the running.  

At first it was both shins that started really bothering me after about 2
months of running.  My shins would hurt mildly for the first half-mile,
stop hurting, hurt moderately over the last half mile, and hurt a lot for
1-2 hours after my runs.

I stopped running completely for about 2 weeks and slowly started up again
with a lot more care to my legs.  I began using over-the-counter orthotics
since I overpronate due to flat feet.  I also started warm up-exercising,
cool-down exercising, and wrapping ice packs with ace bandages on both
shins for about 30 minutes after my runs.

After running back up to my 8 min/mile pace recently, I started feeling
really good again and had little to no shin pain.  I was elated because
motivation was still through the roof.  While I seem to have beaten the
shin problem, recently my left knee has started hurting me.  The pain is
located on the outer area of my left knee, just where the knee bends.  The
pain increases throughout the run and lasts 5-7 hours after my runs.  I
have been icing it down wrapped in an ace bandage for about 30 minutes
after the runs with little progress.

I really want to work up to at least the 10K level or beyond but I've been
stuck at the 5K level for 3-4 months now and am getting increasingly
frustrated.  I'd like to hear advice and personal stories on treating the
knee pain because I'm a lot more worried about being able to continue
running than I was with the shin pain.  Any ideas on a cause (I've never
had any knee pain in my life before this)?  Will it subside with time like
the shin splints?  What can I do to run through it, if possible?  Are there
any exercises I can do specifically for this knee area, before or after my
runs?  Is there anything more than icing it down afterwards to minimize the

Thanks a lot for any advice or personal stories about this knee
pain/injury.  I've really enjoyed running the past 5 months and I want to
take it to the next level but these injuries keep holding me back.