info for the 2000 NYC marathon

info for the 2000 NYC marathon

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How to Apply to the 2000 New York City Marathon?

Due to the ever increasing numbers of runners seeking acceptance in the
New York City Marathon, we have made major changes to our application
procedure for the 2000 NYC Marathon. If you are familiar with our
previous procedure, please pay special attention to the important
changes for this year indicated in red. Wheelchair applicants, see

The total field will consist of 30,000 runners (20,000 US and 10,000
International). If you live outside the United States, please call
212-423-2249 or revisit this web site for forthcoming details.

The majority of entrants will be selected by random lottery drawings.
This change from a first-come, first-served process has become necessary
due to the tremendous number of applications we are now receiving on the
first day as well as normal variations in mail service. See below for
details about the lotteries.

However, individuals satisfying the following criteria will be
guaranteed entry:

Long-standing NYRRC members who are frequent racers will be guaranteed
entry into the marathon*. Here are the requirements: You must have been
an active member of the NYRRC since January 1999 and must have completed
at least six fully scored NYRRC races during the 1999 calendar year.
(Fun runs such as the Midnight Run and races which are only partially
scored such as the Race for the Cure and Revlon Run/Walk are not
included.) Special applications will be sent to these members in January
2000, and must be returned by April 1st for guaranteed entry.

In addition, as in the past,

Runners who were accepted for the 1999 NYC Marathon and canceled will be
guaranteed entry in 2000*. These entries will also be mailed in January
and must be returned by April 1st in order to be guaranteed entry.

*Based on past statistics, we estimate the total number of guaranteed
entries we will receive from those who canceled last year and members
who have run six or more races to be about 4,000-5,000. We will
reevaluate this procedure and the criteria for guaranteed acceptance for
the year 2001 based on actual numbers we receive in the year 2000. It is
likely there will be changes.

To apply by lottery:

Apply On-Line at our web site (
Just complete the on-line entry form which will be available starting in
January 2000 and submit it along with your credit card information.

Get a special application at the Marathon Line-Up in Central Park on
April 2, 2000.
For runners who don't qualify for guaranteed entry, the Line-Up will
improve your chances in the lottery. (See below.) Special Line-Up
applications will be given out (only one per person) free of charge.
These must be returned postmarked by April 14th in order to be eligible
for the first drawing and preferential treatment.

Send for an application by mail and return it by mail by April 14 for
the first drawing or June 14 for the final drawing.
Send a #10 self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Marathon Entries
P O Box 1388 GPO
New York, NY 10116

Beginning in early January, an entry form will be sent to you free of
charge. Also in early January, entry forms will also be available in the
NYRRC lobby on 9 East 89th Street, and will be included in the annual
race calendar to be mailed to NYRRC members.

With regard to all entrants other than those that are guaranteed entry
because they canceled from the 1999 race, a nonrefundable $7.00
processing fee is required on receipt of your application rather than
upon your request for an application. This fee will be charged to your
credit card or deposited when we process your application and enter you
into the lottery. Be sure to enclose a separate check for this fee if
you are paying by check. Later, if you are selected in the lottery, your
full race entry fees will be charged (or check deposited). If you are
not selected, you will not be charged (and your check will be

The Lottery Drawings

First Drawing
All applications postmarked by April 14th will be eligible for our first
lottery to be held on or around May 15th. This includes all regular
applications received by mail, on-line, or special Line-Up applications.
(It also will include any special guaranteed applications received after
their April 1st deadline.)

85% of the total remaining U.S. positions (20,000 minus the guaranteed
entries already received) will be selected in this lottery.

The lottery pool will be divided into two separate groups: Lineup and
"non-Line-Up" applications. Lineup applicants will have approximately
twice the chance of being chosen in the lottery as non-Line-Up
applicants. The exact numbers to be selected from each group will be
based on the total number of applications received in each group and the
total number to be selected.

If you are chosen in this drawing, your race and related optional fees
(bus to start, etc) will be processed and your acceptance card will be
sent by the end of May. If you are not selected, you will still be
eligible for our final lottery drawing on or around June 29th.

Final Drawing

The remaining 15% of the U.S. field will be selected in this final
lottery. The lottery will draw from applications from the first drawing
that were not selected and were received after April 14 but before June
15. After this drawing, acceptances will be sent by July 15 to those
selected and checks will be returned to all those not selected. There
will no longer be a Waiting List (Past experience shows that most
runners cancel too late for us to be able to take additional runners in
their place. Instead of determining the total number of runners to
accept, we will make an adjustment for the number of cancellations

All applications received from any source by June 15th will be eligible
for this final lottery. After this lottery, acceptances will be sent to
those selected by July 15th and checks will be returned to all those not
selected. There will no longer be a Waiting List. (Past experience has
shown that most runners cancel too late for us to be able to take
additional runners in their place. Instead in determining the total
number of applicants to accept, we will make an adjustment for the
number of cancellations expected.)

For those who have applied in past years:

We realize that any procedure we devise will be less than perfect
because so many applicants must be turned away each year in order for us
to maintain the quality and safety of our race in the confines of our
race course. And unless you qualify for guaranteed entry, your chances
of acceptance will be no greater than in the past. But we listened to
all your comments and suggestions and believe that we have come up with
a process that will at least be simpler, more convenient, and hopefully
more fair. Here are some of the advantages:

?no more rushing to the post office to mail your application. ?apply
on-line in one easy step. ?guaranteed entry for the most dedicated NYRRC
members and racers. ?priority given to runners who come to the Lineup ?
earlier notification of acceptance for all runners.

Wheelchair Applicants

The 2000 New York City Marathon will once again feature a wheelchair
event. Entry procedures for the wheelchair event are currently being
formulated and will be published on this web site as soon as available.
A copy of those procedures will be mailed to each wheelchair finisher in
the 1999 New York City Marathon and also may be obtained from the
wheelchair event. Entry procedures for the wheelchair event are
currently being formulated and will b

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