posterior knee pain (back of knee)

posterior knee pain (back of knee)

Post by Marth » Tue, 12 Oct 1999 04:00:00


Has anyone had pain and swelling on the BACK of the knee?  I have had
this since January, and through months of strength training (doctor
recommended) and no running the pain and swelling have not subsided. It
hurts mostly after having my knee in a bent position for a long time or
after strenuous activity (which I have been avoiding, for the most
part).  Sometimes I get pain in a ring all the way around the bottom of
the knee joint...anyone have any clues?


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posterior knee pain (back of knee)

Post by Cara Finnega » Wed, 13 Oct 1999 04:00:00




>Has anyone had pain and swelling on the BACK of the knee?  


<insert usual qualifications here about how I am not a doctor,
you should get additional medical advice, etc. etc>

It might be your posterior cruciate ligament, or PCL. A few months
ago I posted on this newsgroup to see if anyone has ever had this
injury, and didn't get a single response. It's _very_ rare. My
boyfriend has been dealing with a torn PCL since May (diagnosed
finally in late August). The only time it _doesn't_ hurt is when he
runs -- standing for long periods of time, sitting up and down, etc.,
all cause a lot of pain. He does not have any noticeable swelling, however.
The first time he saw an orthopedist it wasn't caught with x-rays and they
sent him home with no sense of what was going on; it was only until he
persisted with a second appointment that they did an MRI and found out
what it was.

Most PCL injuries are caused by blunt trauma to the knee, a sports
injury (rugby seems most common), falling, or car accidents (knee hitting
dashboard). My boyfriend had none of these causes. We have
no idea how, or why he has this injury.

He's been in PT for a few weeks (to strengthen quads to take up the
slack) and is still running. Surgery is possible for a torn PCL but
only a few people are qualified to do it, and it doesn't help
most people who get it. We have read a lot of the medical literature on
this injury, and it's frustrating because there's really no conclusive
data about what works or what the long-term effects will be.

Anyway, there's our experience. If the knee keeps bothering you, I
would push for an MRI or at least a second opinion from another

Good luck,