Races in Los Angeles/San Diego/San Francisco

Races in Los Angeles/San Diego/San Francisco

Post by solo.. » Mon, 08 Aug 1994 23:39:40

IP>Can anyone please help ?
IP>I have a friend visiting the US, and would like some races between
IP>Monday 19th September and Friday 30th September 1994 in the above
IP>Any distance will do.
IP>I guess the weekend 24/25th will be best, but anything you know of,
IP>please reply.

     Hi Paul. This is the best I can do.

       Sept. 24, Saturday-11th Annual MADD 10k & Walk, Breaking Fourty
Race Consultants (619)272-8316. Scripps Ranch, Lake Miramar, 7:30am.
       8th Del Mar Sunset Beach 5K & 8k Run/Walk, Joan (619)-481-1607,
Torrey Pines State Beach Park, Carmel Valley Rd. Sept. 24th 5:00pm.
       Above two are near San Diego.
       Sept. 24, Grass Valley?, Bear River 5K Cross Country Classic,
8:30 am, s/f Bear River H.S., Challenging cross country course,
(916)-878-0697 Nick Vogt.
       Sept. 25th, Newport Beach, Race For The Cure 5K Run Walk, 9:15
coed 5K, Kathy Kinane, (714)-953-2264.
       Sept. 25th, San Francisco, Go The Extra Mile 4.1M/7.2M, 8:30 am,
So. Side of polo field GG Park, The Final Result

       Hope you get better info than this. As this is from an old
schedule. Am sure there are more runs that weekend.

                                       Ron in H.B. Ca.