Knee pain (runners knee???)

Knee pain (runners knee???)

Post by kickboxer.. » Thu, 22 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Firstly, sorry if i posted this b4, im new to deja and wasnt sure
whether it had worked... thanks


Yesterday I went for my scheduled 5 mile fast paced run after the first
mile I felt sme mild discomfort in my knee but I decided to carry on..
after the second, I felt a sharp pain in my knee and was forced to stop
I got home and iced it and took today off I feel really lousy as you
can imagine. I am not sure what caused the pain (the second mile was
mostly downhill)
The pain feels like it is in the knee cap or behind the bone (I banged
that area on my desk a couple of manths back. Wonder if it is coming
back to haunt me?)
I also changed my running pattern last week from every other day doinh 7
miles to running
Monday: 5 - fast
Tues:   :       4- Fartlek
Wed:    :       6: Easy
Thurs::         Rest
Fri:    :       5 Fast
Sat:    :       7 Easy
Sun:    Rest

(do you think this plan is better than running long every other day?)

Also can someone please tell me as to what the pain mayu be? Could it be
runners knee? What exactly is it anyway? And how might I aid the healing
process? At the moment I am icing and wearing a knee support I don't
wanna loose my aerobic base or stamina and am scared I might.. are there
any other excercises I can do while injured that will maintain it?

I don't run to race I run to maintain stamina and fitness to complement
my kickboxing and to keep fit ( I put on weight quickly otherwise)

If anyone out there would like to contribute then please do so and I
will really appreciate it also please forward your replies to me at

Thanks again

Happy running


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