Calf or Soleus Injury ?

Calf or Soleus Injury ?

Post by Steven R. Zu » Sun, 03 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Maybe someone out there has had the same injury - because I am
confused about this one.

Last week, I did some running in Florida after not running for many
months (but keeping in very good aerobic shape with the NordicTrack,
tennis, and stretching).  I had no problems running 3 to 4 miles,
except that the right calf became sore.  I tried to run through it
(dumb, really dumb) but could not complete a mile due to pain.

After a week or so, the calf does not hurt when I stand on my toe, or
perform toe lifts, but still hurts when I jump on the toe, and only at
certain angles.  But when the angle is wrong, I clear message is sent.
The NordicTrack, which I have continued, does not cause any pain.  

Any ideas what this is?  Being over forty, these injuries seem to take
forever to heal.  Any suggestions?