Running (Xtreme) Golf Tournament In L.A. Area 14 August

Running (Xtreme) Golf Tournament In L.A. Area 14 August

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The XTreme Golf Association is sponsoring a tournament
At Camarillo Springs Golf Course just north of Los Angeles.

Qualifying Date: Thursday, August 14th
Celebrity Pro/Am Final:   Thursday, Aug. 21, 1997
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==============From the FAQ=================
Q: What is Extreme Golf?
A: Extreme Golf is the same as regular golf, with the exception that
you run to each shot. Your final score is based on a combination of
your golf score and the time it took to complete your round. Example:
90 strokes in  60 minutes would be a total of 150.

Q: How many holes do you play in  Extreme Golf?
A: We play 18 holes. All the courses we've played measure over 6,200
yards. Adding the distance from each green to the next tee box extends
the distance to approximately five miles.