having trouble getting back into after broken ankle

having trouble getting back into after broken ankle

Post by Ray Charbonnea » Sat, 20 Mar 1999 04:00:00

This is where you get to find out whether you are what George Sheehan
would have called a 'runner', or whether you are just a 'racer'.  

Keep it up.  Even if you never get as fast again, there's still
happiness in being the best animal you can be.  Hey, you were gonna get
old someday anyhow...

And maybe you will make it all the way back.  You'll never know unless
you try.
Ray Charbonneau
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The MITRE Corporation


> i need help
> spent the last four months NOT RUNNING
> with a broken lower left fibula
> now it seems to be taking forever to my get up and go to get up and go
> my saturday group runs are both great and awful...not used to running
> at the back of the pack
> and during the week i seem to be able to find a lot of reasons to not run
> ...got in a couple of x country skiing days in...but now that the snow is
> disappearing
> i've gotta find a way to kick myself in the ass and get back into the
> routine...brace
> or no brace!!!
> any ideas out there???

> w