Bonaire Pics

Bonaire Pics

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Finished a week in Bonaire. I would best describe the marine life as
"mundane".  Eels, parrot fish, trumpet fish, flounder......
Probably the most *** thing I saw was a baby octopus.  The flight to
Bonaire was uneventful, departing out of C***te NC, routing through
Curacao, and then a 15 minutes flight to Bonaire aboard Insel airlines.
Insel is a smaller airline specializing in routes to the Caribbean with
an older fleet of aircraft.  On arrival in Curacao, we got off the plane
and proceeded on foot for what seemed like half a mile, up some stairs,
through security, and then to our gate to take us to Bonaire.  I guess
they wanted to make certain we had not picked up any weapons of mass or
minor destruction between C***te and Curacao.

When we finally landed in Bonaire, some of our folks luggage did not
make it, and only half us us got trucks.  Those that got trucks and
luggage (I was one of the lucky ones), checked into the Sand Dollar and
then went back to the airport to help those that were still waiting on
luggage.  Finally around 11pm, the delayed luggage arrived, but it was
not until the next day could the remainder of the rental vehicles be

Sunday was our first dive day after a  mandatory briefing at the resort.
  We did a leisurely  dive off Bari Reef at the resort and then on to
other sites around the island.

My buddy and I did a total of 4 night dives.  Nothing unusual to see at
night as I have in previous trips night dives.

During the dive briefing, mention was made of a large luxury yacht
moored at the waterfront.  The name of the vessel is the "Tatoosh" and
is owned by Paul Allen, co-owner of Microsoft.  The "Tatoosh" is a 300
ft 5 level yacht with a helicopter pad (chopper was on the boat) and a
Zodiac type boat, and several smaller jet ski looking craft.  I got
several pictures of the yacht.  The closest shows it behind another boat
and a distant shot shows it near an ocean liner from another angle.

You can view some of my pictures at

Lionfish were few and far between on the closer in dive sites, but we
dove a site known as "Candyland".  Very difficult to get to and a tricky
entry.  However, once in, the reef is pristine and the Lionfish were
plentiful.  I counted about 8-10 of them.

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