Rip Artist Woods and Water of Brandon FL

Rip Artist Woods and Water of Brandon FL

Post by Bil » Fri, 01 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi fellower diver's:

        I am bring this out so that you will know to stay away from the Store
which is located in Brandon, Florida.

        The owner is a total jerk and stealls from his customer's in anyway he
can do it. Two day two dives each day, if you get one day's dive in
your lost your money. Also nothing in the store is Priced. My mother
brought me new bootes for christmas and I had to want until June to
get my new booties. Then he could not find the sale reciept so I could
pick them up.

        I paid for a two day dive trip and ended up with one day trip and he
does not give rain checks he tells you he will give it to you on your
next dive trip with him. When you decide to go he can not find the
paper on who he owes dives to. A lot of his customer's are personal
friends that is the only way he can stay in business as he gives them
one price and you another.

        Even his teacher's have left him and headed for better water's even
opening dwon the street from him.