FIJI - KADAVU, matava, alberts, jonas

FIJI - KADAVU, matava, alberts, jonas

Post by pili » Fri, 09 Jul 1999 04:00:00

we ar going to kadavu for two weeks and will spend 5 nites at each small place
diving and kicking back.  have been to fiji, have done my homework, HAVEN'T
been to kadavu.  have you?  if so how are the places and the diving.  fishing
any good?  get to any villages?

mahalo plenty for any replt.



FIJI - KADAVU, matava, alberts, jonas

Post by spah.. » Sat, 10 Jul 1999 04:00:00

All of the places that you've described are pretty rustic.  Had a
chance to see both Jonas & Alberts.   Jonas is actually on Ono Island -
beautiful beach but will take slightly over an hour in an open boat to
get there.   Jonas is nice but if the weather is bad, that area really
gets hit hard with wind and current.

Alberts is again very basic.  It caters to a lot of fishermen but it
doesnt' have quite the charm of Jonas IMHO.   It's been around for
longer and itlooks it.

Check the postings for Matava (not to be confused with Matana).  It's
on a muddy flat that is quite unattractive when the tide is out.   I
haven't heard great things about it from the postings and when I was in
Kadavu last month, the locals didn't have great things to say about it

Email me if you need more info

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FIJI - KADAVU, matava, alberts, jonas

Post by ivor » Sun, 11 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Aloha...I have dove with Dive Kandavu, its part of Mantana Bay Resort. It
was pleasant, not much to do save dive, kick back. The resort is mid-range,
group dining, individual burres, or a couple bunk houses. Food is plain,
but good. Dive operation is excellent, beach dives are ok, they have good
aluminum pontoon dive boats, 10 minutes to fabulous diving, walls, bommies,
deep, drift. My most memorable part was the chance to go visit our dive
guide in his village, see the school kids, drink the kava at night (i liked
it...) If you want to be a good citizen, bring some school supplies;
pencils, dictionaries etc. the school does not have a lot of material

I'd go again