Wet suit alteration shops?

Wet suit alteration shops?

Post by Ecnerwa » Sun, 06 Jan 2013 04:39:14

For anyone that's still here and on-topic...

Looking to seriously alter a heavy (7mm) suit, at least if said
alteration can be done for less than a new suit. Converting a Farmer-J
to a unisuit, and also letting it out some - and making (mostly from new
materials, I think - not a lot left from the altering at that point, but
there might be some) a thigh-to-hood outer layer with zipper from thigh
to hood. (I have a suit like that, it's the nicest hood setup I've ever
used, someone else with an FJ and separate hood envies it, I haven't
seen one on the market (mine is 13 years old from SeaQuest who merged
and vanished) and the existing FJ suit is in good shape, just not nearly
as convenient as mine.)

Have found wet suit wearhouse (maryland) and terrapin (texas) on the web.

Other candidates, experiences with these or others, etc? Any more
"local" to the Northeast USA?

I had some minor alteration work done by a shop near Quabbin many years
ago, but the guy doing it was elderly then and I doubt he's still at it.
My best guess at remembering the name (Inland Divers) indeed leads to a
closed shop...

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