OT - Bill O'Reilly is not a true conservative

OT - Bill O'Reilly is not a true conservative

Post by Jake Blanto » Fri, 18 Jan 2013 19:24:15

RE:  http://SportToday.org/

Hey Bill,

Well, it looks like you have proven yet again that you're just a Yankee
leftist idiot with respect to your knowledge of firearms and the
Constitution.  And to think, some people actually consider you a
"conservative".  Just another piece of "progressive" excrement as far as
I'm concerned.

Sorry Bill, but what part of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" are you just too
***ing stupid to be able to understand?

Punish the action, not the tool used to facilitate the action.  Besides,
more people were killed in a year with hammers and clubs than were
killed with rifles according to a recent FBI report.  Do we need to have
waiting periods and registration on hammers and baseball bats also?

Requiring registration will lead to confiscation.  Oh, and for your
information, a .223 is not a "heavy weapon".  Hell, in many states, it's
not even powerful enough to be considered a legal caliber for hunting

You can no more legally (or morally) restrict the right of a person to
own or carry any firearm than you can restrict their right to worship
any religion (no matter how screwed up it might be).  As long as you are
not hurting anyone else with your firearms, the government has no reason
to be concerned about them.

Just look at what the Founding Fathers intended and not what some
revisionist judicial activist decided and you'll see that the Founding
Fathers did not provide for ANY exceptions to the 2nd Amendment and as
such, ALL gun laws (including NFA34 and GCA68) are blatantly
unconstitutional.  Nowhere in the Constitution did they say, "shall not
be infringed EXCEPT for _______".  Before you start thinking that a
infringement upon our 2nd Amendment rights is acceptable, ask yourself
if it would be acceptable if the government made a similar infringement
about religions.  The 2nd Amendment was not created so that we could
hunt or so that we could protect ourselves from criminals.  It was
created so that we could protect ourselves from a government run amok.