You don't know until you try!

You don't know until you try!

Post by Bill » Tue, 08 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Semi-Trip Report

I had the bright idea of driving up the California coast to San Simeon
to take Mrs. Power Video to Hearst Castle and to see the nearby
Elephant Seal haulout zone.  Did the castle (it was excellent) and the
next day, after it was done raining, we went to the Elephant Seals.
Geared up and went in off the same beach they were at.  Went past the
breakers about thirty yards and stationed myself on the bottom.  Any
further out and I would've been TOO far out to get them on video as
they make their way off the beach.  Well, the vis was about ten feet
and just not good enough.  I saw a couple just as they were on me and
then gone again.  Could just as well have been a Great White for all
the notice I got.  Ah well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I got
out, dried off, and proceeded to get some excellent topside footage up
close and personal (being careful to avoid harassing the beasties!).
Mrs. Power Video got some fine footage of ME getting some fine footage
of the Big Kahuna.  This bubba was 13 feet if an inch.  San Simeon is
well worth the trip and a beautiful drive to boot.

Bill Powers
Power Video Productions

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