NI-CADS vs. Alakalines vs. Rechargeable Alkalines in modern Dive Lights

NI-CADS vs. Alakalines vs. Rechargeable Alkalines in modern Dive Lights

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Rechargeable Alkalines

First of all, the rechargeable Alkalines are NOT being manufactured (or
recommended) by either
Duracell or Eveready, (Ray-O-Vac is the only major Alkaline manufacturer to
brave the new
waters). The total charge does diminish with each cycle, but what the heck, when
you get more
than 10 or 20 cycles? They claim 25 cycles, Eveready and Duracell both maintain
that is
overoptimistic and have no official plans to enter that market? (Eveready has
entered the
rechargeable market when they purchased the Gates line of NI-CADs and Nickel
Metal Hydrides)

NI-CADS vs. Alkalines

Alkalines contain more than 3 times the energy per cell. An average of 4
Amp-Hours (NI-CADs) to
14 Amp-Hours (Alkalines) in a single D cell indicate this (the MAXIMUM Amp-Hour
numbers say
this, real world figures do not! (however, this margin is decreased in modern
Halogen dive lights,
their high current draw severely diminishes burn time, more so on Alkalines).
NI-CADS (and the charger) cost more initially but START to save money within a
few battery set

Alkalines have a higher voltage (initially) but NI-CADS usually burn brighter
with high current
halogen bulbs (due to the NI-CAD's lower internal cell resistance and the fact
that Alkalines
average far less than 1.5 volts over their useful lifetime).
NI-CADS maintain a more consistent bulb brightness through their entire charge
life. (They also
drop sooner and abruptly)

Alkalines are not a very "GREEN" solution, they are disposable by nature.
NI-CADs (when they eventually die) are however, quite bad for the landfills and
most battery
manufacturers of NI-CADs recommend NOT disposing of NI-CADs in the trash.

The laws at the State level vary, but generally Alkalines are exempt from
special treatment in
household use, whereas it may be ILLEAGLE to throw NI-CADs in the trash! NI-CADs
should be
disposed of through the RBRC, "Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation",
recommended by
the major NI-CAD manufacturers.

Here's the kicker, The Battery Brain micro ONLY supports Alkalines?

The world is becoming portable and Alkalines are already being used up in huge
Scalar Wave Systems has developed the Battery Brain micro to maximize the full
utilization of
EACH battery, consistently.

The Battery Brain standard, Jr., and marine models all support 12 Volt Lead Acid
and Gell Cells.

As far as NI-CADs go, the Battery Brains do not (yet) support them, but please
note that current
devices that ALREADY do this are easily in the $100 range, (we want to make
battery management affordable).
We are currently developing a super fast (under 1 hour) NI-CAD charger with the
latest charge
termination technology that should retail for under $60.

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