camera & video questions

camera & video questions

Post by The Lion of Symmetr » Sat, 17 Apr 1993 07:09:33

A couple different questions here -

1. What are peoples impressions/experiences/tips on the Aquashot? Necessary
   accessories? Gotchas?

2. Does anyone know if there's a housing available for a Sony 8mm camcorder
   CCD-F55? I've not seen it in the adverti***ts that I've seen (admittedly
   not many...)

3. Any recommended books on UW video?


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camera & video questions

Post by David T. Trusl » Sun, 18 Apr 1993 02:38:01


>A couple different questions here -

>1. What are peoples impressions/experiences/tips on the Aquashot? Necessary
>   accessories? Gotchas?

 Don't use Kodak's disposable cameras - the winding mechanism often
 fails when slightly deformed by pressure. The Fuji camera is the only
 one suitable for use in the Aquashot.

The Aquashot delivers fairly good snapshot-type results. It's also
flexible (you can pop the camera out of the housing for land shots
& reinsert it). The main gotcha (other than Kodak) is film speed &
conditions. Viz in the Monterey area is often ~15 ft or so. The
disposables use a moderate film speed & we lack enough light to
take Skindiver magazine style panoramic style shots. After trying it,
you may want to get a UW slave strobe. These are about $45 and are
triggered by the camera's built-in flash (no connecting cable).
Helix in Chicago sells them. See the classified section of most
dive magazines for other sources.