Grand Cayman operation that rents video housings?

Grand Cayman operation that rents video housings?

Post by Ceci Lan » Wed, 20 May 1998 04:00:00

I just recently recieved a vx1000 video camera.  It's an awesome system,
but forced me to make a decision.  Compromise and get a lesser quality
camera where I could afford to get a housing at the same time, or enjoy
the resolution and get a housing at a later date...knowing that one day,
the wait will be worth it.

Well, I opted to go the high res unless anyone can help me
find a place on Grand Cayman that rents a housing for this camera, I
guess I'm outta luck.  Ummm, so is there anyone........<hope>...?

BTW, I went for a digital camera instead of hi-8 because I own a mac and
the video cards for that platform appear to all the going
"firewire"...There are very few cards to choose from if one wants to
stay with a consumer format and stay on a mac.  To rent a housing with a
hi-8 camera included doesn't help...there aren't even any frame grabbers
for macintosh, much less good hardware to edit video.  The Mac market
appears to have put its energy into digital video and the results are
excellent, but the means are not conventional.  (BTW, I can reccommend's very good.  Can do still capture, and just about any
editing I can think of.)

BTW, I'd rather not take videos and have someone else edit it for's expensive and the editing is at least half the fun!  So if
there aren't any housings for rent, I'll just settle in to do topside
video and "wait til next time".

thanks for any info.