Importan Information about Ambergris Caye, Belize

Importan Information about Ambergris Caye, Belize

Post by Eric » Wed, 26 Mar 1997 04:00:00

The The Blue Hole Dive Center has a nice web page as far as hotels, if you are looking
for an inexpensive hotel, try the Conch Shell (about $15 to $25 a night US)
right on the water, say Hi to Sam. As Chris said, just show up, don't worry
about where you'll stay. You don't need no stinking reservations. (I went
there for a couple of weeks, ended up staying five) enjoy (for those who
are interested, Belize is an English speaking country)


> : I believe Chris runs the Blue Hole Express in San Pedro Town, which my
> : friends used for a Blue Hole dive (I am not certified). They were very
> : happy with his service - he runs a good operation.
> : I think he is right about Belize, and Ambergris Caye in particular.
> : Belize has a lot to offer without the maddening crowds (yet). Try to
> : there before it's "discovered" by the masses!
> : --

> Okay wicked, what's the best way to down there, how long does it take,
> couple of nice cheap hotels, where's the beach ;-)

> I can take a bus from PDC in the morning right ?  The guide books are all
> a little fluffy on the subject.

> Me and the girlfriend, arriving PDC April 4th, and I was thinking about
> checking out Belize for a 2 - 3 day stay. Alls I need is a little help
> on how to get there etc. Hey is it cheaper / better to do my PADI course
> down there with the afforementioned gentlemen ;-)

> Cheers

> Darren