Underwater camera question

Underwater camera question

Post by Tom Turve » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I'm more than a little inclined to agree.  Try learning to dive first then
with the pictures ok.  Everything is different underwater - EVERYTHING!!
So once you have that worked out then try with the disposable camera!  I
have seen professional photographers loose the plot trying to get a
disposable camera to take a decent photo and stay alive during a dive
course - don't try it, it's just not worth the trouble.

  The chances are you won't get a decent photo for some time anyhow!!

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> > I will be 4 days on a boat attending a scuba diving course. I would
> > hence like to take some pictures. I'm not interested in those cheap
> > disposable underwater cameras, becase they only use negative film, while
> > I'm using slides.

> Kristian,

> With all due respect, if you're taking your first ever SCUBA
> course, and doing your first ever post-certification dives,
> forget the camera. You'll be task-loaded to the hilt just
> dealing with the fundamentals.

> From the tone of your message, I infer that you're a pretty
> serious amateur photographer. You likely have expectations that
> will be impossible for you to meet, given that your diving skills
> will be rather undeveloped. In the worst case, inattention to
> diving as a consequence of being distracted by your camera
> and subjects can result in serious injury or death.

> If you cannot bear the thought of just trying to enjoy your
> first SCUBA experience without taking a few snaps, then get
> one of the disposables ... I know this is less than ideal from
> your perspective, but you'll have enough to worry about without
> having to deal with anything much fancier. In clear water, a
> simple camera is capable of producing very good shots of reef
> scenes and medium to large fish.

> I consider myself a fair diver, having started just 4 years ago.
> I've taken a wide range of classes and dived in lots of different
> situations, including underwater caves and inside shipwrecks. I'm
> also a *very* serious amateur land photographer, having been
> shooting for 20+ years. I just started shooting underwater - after
> 175 logged dives - and it will be some time before I'll feel as
> comfortable with my camera along on a dive as I do without it.

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Underwater camera question

Post by T & » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Cairns is so overloaded with dive industry  that it would probably be
easier to list places that DONT hire out the cameras...
Better yet why dont you buy a Sea& Sea Motor Marine
 for around $600 - $800 youll save a fortune in no time