Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Tank-Ha the best.

Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Tank-Ha the best.

Post by fred » Sun, 16 Dec 2001 01:29:14

Hi OWD's!

Just had a week in PDC. Dived several companies, and only 1 shone out.

Tank-Ha. 5th Avenue

Dives were within safe NDL!!. With equipment only 2 months old!!

Others........ well how about an auto inflating BCD to enhance your dive
experience! (took 2 hands to pull out the inflate button)

Repetitive dives also well in excess of tables on investigation after the
event!!(too short S.I.)

Also I would advise extreme care if thinking of Cenote (cavern) diving. You
will be completely in the hands of the 'dive-master' who is the only one
with double tanks!
The briefings are BRIEF!!.

I was not requested to show any certification or log by any company!!

You pays your money.... and you dive my friend!

Dive safely...

Oh and dont forget your pre-dive check, cos know-one else will give a

The diving is fantastic,




Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Tank-Ha the best.

Post by TX10 » Sun, 16 Dec 2001 08:54:48

NDL is in your hands, you simply can stay above rest. Also is there safe and
unsafe NDL?
Now , what it is auto inflating BCD? Used 2 hands to pull or push button?
Please explain.