Don't You people know what a US Divers Data Scan 4 is ?

Don't You people know what a US Divers Data Scan 4 is ?

Post by David Sussm » Wed, 11 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I have posted a forsale Data Scan 3 which is easiliy upgradable to a Scan 4
for some time now.   I have received two offers yet these people could not
come up with the money..  I have lowered and lowered my price to a final price
of $259.00.     I know that if I were in the market to buy an air-integrated
first class dive computer that this is a great deal..    I just can't believe
that I am asking too much for a Data Scan 3 and US divers compass which will
be a brand new Scan 4 when you upgrade it yourself for $169.00 through US


= $428.00    <=======        I sure doubt you can find a new Scan 4 with
compass for that price people!!!   The upgrade is not a difficult thing to
understand but maybe I have not explained it well enough.   If anyone knows
what I am doing wrong then email me.. Cause I guess I have a lot to learn..  
If I have been unclear in my previous messages than email me..Please no
flaming!    I don't mean to come across as a salesman but this is what I have
come to now that I have received so few a response.!

Geesh people.. If you are seriously interested then I might just bargain with
you.  I'm about to give up on this offer!

David Sussman