Loose Chest Straps

Loose Chest Straps

Post by Allen Roulst » Thu, 28 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Chest Strap coming loose, or jumping without it...

I had my chest strap come off in free fall twice on the
first rig I owned.  The strap slapped me silly in free fall.
Although I crossed my arms when I threw the pilot chute
( to keep myself in the rig )  I don't think I needed to.
< of course it couldn't hurt, right? >

Later I made jump with another rig and did not secure the chest
strap properly, I heard the buckle jingle on opening and looked
down to see it not done up, and I was still in the harness.
Spooky.   Although I did not fall out of the rig, I am now,
needless to say, much more vigilant about how well secured
my chest strap is.

- Allen
CSPA C-2020  Sky Surfer In Training
Lime Green Flexon, Sabre 135, PD143R, Cypres Equipped
Toronto, Ontario, Canada