$99 all you can jump ALL 4:20 weekend...

$99 all you can jump ALL 4:20 weekend...

Post by Ti » Wed, 16 Apr 2003 12:04:23

$99 4:20 weekend Boogie-

$99 gets you all you can jump this weekend- BOTH days- 4:19 & 4:20 at
Skydive Atlanta- Thomaston GA.

Our -28 King Air not only has heat and A/C, a Pimpin' interior with
benches and a LOUD stereo, it will take you to 14k in 7 minutes.

We have more lift capacity than a "super" otter.

No Frillz, No boogie fee.
Pot Luck dinner Saturday night.

$99 for two days of jumping. No tax or bullshit charges. Mullins'
rules apply- $99 a rig and must be packed to manifest.

Thomaston GA