Quincy Holloween Boogie- Quincy Fl

Quincy Holloween Boogie- Quincy Fl

Post by skydiv.. » Sun, 29 Oct 2000 01:57:45


 No Registration fee!!
 FREE Beer, Food, And Janets Killer Pina Coladas!!

 WHERE: Quincy Floridia (15 min west of Tallahassee)
 WHEN:  Qctober 28th & 29th
 AIRCRAFT: Our FULL-TIME,Fast Climibing,Comfortable KING AIR.

 Every load that goes up with 11 or more jumpers will draw
 for one free slot. It could be yours!!!

 Costume party starts at 9 PM
 1st Prize: 3 free jumps
 2nd Prize: 2 free jumps
 3rd Prize: 1 free jump

 We Have an 8 Place Hot Tub.

 Paid Packers needed Call The School Of Human Flight At

 Need Directions follow link

 Blue Skies

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