AFF instructor school accident info needed?

AFF instructor school accident info needed?

Post by SKYDI » Fri, 21 Feb 1992 06:52:46

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 u> I have a picture of myself with the pilot chute over the nose. I
 u> wasn't too nervous about it the time, but I've been told that it
 u> could be a progressively bad situation.  If there's enough wind
 u> pressure pulling the pilot chute it could collapse your main.

 u> Is this true?

Yes, but unlikely.  You have complete control over the wind pressure with your brakes.  If the pilot chute was actually making progress toward collapsing your main you could go into brakes and stop it.  But since you took no action whatever and had no problem you can see that this fear in your case is unfounded.  If your pilot chute could collapse your main you would have found out on that jump.  Also, you could pop it back over the top by flying backwards.

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