"Wright Attitude" Big Way Training, Aug 13-15

"Wright Attitude" Big Way Training, Aug 13-15

Post by Guy Wrig » Fri, 09 Jul 2004 21:31:34

Join Big Way Organizer, Guy Wright, at The Ranch in Gardiner, NY for 3 days of
intense structured big way training.  This camp is structured toward the
beginner/intermediate skydiver looking to move up into the big way arena.
There will only be 10-15 slots available and the program will focus on dive
structure, proper dirt dives, exits, diving, floating, base work, aircraft
procedures, break-off, tracking and proper big way canopy control.

Candidates must be able to dock safely and in control on at least a 10 way or

Expect 7-10 jumps per day with video.

the web site: www.guywright.com for schedules and events.