Just gettin started...

Just gettin started...

Post by Nsan » Wed, 23 Jul 1997 04:00:00

 I just had my first skydiving experience. I had been waiting to dive for
years and years and finally went and did it. There were originally going to
be 6 of us, but they all dwindled away the closer that fateful Saturday
came. It was down to 2 of us, but we stuck it out. Nothing was stopping us.
I had never jumped but my friend had a long time ago... 3 times-all static.

We decided to go with Static since Tandem isn't ballsy enough and AFF was a
little too expensive for me. We had the class on Saturday and waited all day
for the winds to die down. No luck. Went home.  :(

Went back on Sunday. Got there early and jumped almost right away. Went
GREAT! Had a couple of line twists, got them out, and sailed away.... Had a
nice landing without even taking a step, pulled the chute down and for some
reason had this HUGE smile on my face for a long time!  :)

The second jump however... I jumped at 3,200ft, had about 8 line twists, and
a line over on the left. Well, I know now how serious a line over is, but I
tried to work it out. Of course I had to get rid of the line twists first. I
finally did, and did a big flare to try to get rid of the line over... no
good. I ripped away the main and the reserve popped out! What a rush!! But
again... HUGE smile on my face the whole time. No freaking out. Just a great
time. Turns out I pulled the main away at about 1,600ft though. They were
happy I did it, but a little upset that I waited so long.

Then the 3rd jump... what can I say? I did the PRCP perfect! A couple of
line twists, no biggie, and the landing was so soft I didn't even kick up a
grain of sand! Seriously, my friend thought I was gonna start going back up
I came down so softly.

Well, that was it, I'm hooked and will be back every weekend possible. I
wanna Freefall. 2 more statics before I start my AFF's but I'm ready!